2018 HPT Nowra Super Sprint

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It all started over a coffee with a couple of team members in 2017. They planned a head to head match in the enticer distance to see who was the quickest athlete. What it ended with in 2018 was 15 athletes racing head to head in their own wave for the bragging rights of HPT Super Sprint World Champion. Handicaps were drawn up and the sledging began.

Everyone was very keen to race. We even had a handful so keen that they decided to do the Standard Distance prior to the “real” race of the day.

Tension was high under the HPT Tent as we went about preparations. No gear was spared, we even had a disc wheel on the start line.

At 11:50am, under the starter’s orders we let fly. An early lead was established by Alex Reithmeier but there were a number of athletes hot on his heels and ready to pounce. James Bonamy had an incredible swim and even better T1 to get away to a nice start. The race between the boys quickly developed with Dan Inglese, Jimmy Ghislain, James Bonamy, Cheyne Lowder and Paul Humphreys at the front of the wave trying to hunt down Alex. Also in the mix were Steve Mackay, Patty Halloran, Matty Lester and yours truly doing his first triathlon in 13 years.

Meanwhile, Maree Doble lead the girls out with her usual strong swim, quickly followed by a line up of Jess Clifford, Di Hurst, Kath King and Kimberly Law (doing her first tri).

The order swapped throughout in both male and female races. Kath had a slow start to the swim but pushed past a few in transition (me included) to surge ahead.

The race was run and won. Sure …. Alex Reithmeier and Maree Doble were our line honours winners, but nobody knew who was our real champ. Everyone went back home and showered up for a feed and a drink at the Highfields Pub where the award would be announced.

In the end, our Handicap Honours winner and HPT Super Sprint World Champion was Jess Clifford. A great outcome for her in her comeback race, not having raced since her days as a junior. Congrats Jess.

Well done to everyone to who competed. I think we might have a few more next year after what was a successful team event.


Thanks to Hayden Clifford for the photo’s too !

2018 HPT Nowra Super Sprint 9.7 World Cup Champion – Jess Clifford




The Team




Dan leading James, leading Jimmy


Jimmy going Blue Steel while the coach smiles


Maree, Kath and Di