Symon Astley


Symon has been working within the HPT environment for many years, keeping an eye on the Northern Beaches crew. His experience with running and skills coaching is a vital part of his work as a coach. He draws on a strong background in surfing & competitive downhill skiing as well as being Director of Cross Country Running and Athletics at one of Sydney’s leading private schools.

Symon works with within the HPT ITU Youth, Junior and U23 Program.

As Symon says;

“Equipping developing athletes for all aspects of the triathlon mix makes for an interesting environment. Given the life balances of school/university combined with the physical, emotional and mental challenges faced by this group of young adults on a daily basis is a challenging thing. I hope myself and others within the HPT Team go some way in helping meet these challenges as these are skills not just for triathlon but will help with life skills into the future. The joy of coaching for me is knowing that I am having a positive impact on these individuals.”