Online Age Group Coaching

Being a part of the HPT Team you will belong to something special.

Our coaching:

Educates the athlete
Helps you on your individual point of the triathlon journey
Focuses on consistency, hard work and enjoyment of the sport


Suitable for most athletes, the standard coaching package is an individualized coaching program designed for intermediate athletes wishing to be guided on their triathlon journey.

Individualised program to suit the athlete’s specific goals and races
Programs presented monthly
Unlimited email contact
Review of power/GPS/heart rate files/video


How it Works

Athletes will be sent a questionnaire to be filled out asking a number of questions related to training history, past results, race and training goals, lifestyle and time management, medical history etc.

From there we will establish what a good week would look like for you in terms of being able to commit on an ongoing basis to the training hours we decide upon for you.

Training programs will be delivered via a free Training Peaks account which will be linked to the HPT “Coach Account”

Athletes interested in signing on for coaching are requested to send me an email listing a bit about your background and goals so we can discuss the best package to suit your needs.


Price upon application