Long Course Professionals

Long Course Pro Coaching is a very different way of coaching to the normal. Athletes tend to be spread geographically and it is unusual to find a large group of pro athletes working together under one coach in a face to face environment. The chances of finding an experienced coach of long course pro athletes in your local area is unlikely, necessitating a broader search for what you are looking for.

Peter Clifford has a strong history of coaching in this category and has proven results with well over 15 professional long course podiums, including 2 overall wins.

Coaching solutions will usually be flexibly delivered for the long course pro athlete. The athlete will get a training program from the coach and will hopefully see that coach for occasional training sessions and / or occasional training camps.

Feedback and communication is a vital piece of the puzzle so training can quickly be adapted to suit current fatigue levels and changes to training according to upcoming race needs.

If you are looking for experience and proven results, contact us to discuss your needs.